Motorcycles in John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves is one of the most well-paid actors in Hollywood, and he makes enough money to afford some of the most impressive motorcycles around. However, this doesn’t mean that he has an entire hangar full of bikes – far from it!

One of the most impressive scenes in john wick 3 was a wild bike chase along the Verrazzano Bridge. This sequence was a mix of hand-on and CGI, inspired by a similar scene in the South Korean film The Villainess.

The Yamaha MT-09

With Keanu Reeves at the controls and a handful of other MT09s in the hands of potential assassins, the motorcycle scene in this neo-noir thriller is one of the most exciting in recent cinematic history. Add some CGI enhancement and it’s even better.

The bare-looking MT-09 has been a sleeper hit since it first appeared in 2014. Its bare aesthetics aren’t just there to be pretty; the chassis and engine are expertly constructed and meticulously refined.

For example, a controlled filling aluminum die-cast subframe helps keep the bike light without sacrificing rider comfort. And an advanced, lightweight aluminum frame has been designed to showcase the MT’s signature agility. Its longitudinal, lateral and torsional rigidity have been carefully balanced and refined to ensure straight-line stability and handling performance. The MT-09 also comes with a six-axis IMU that provides traction, slide, and wheelie control. The only drawback is the 3.5in color multi-function display, which could use an upgrade in terms of size and function.

The Honda CBR1000RR

While John Wick 3 upped the ante in terms of impressive action sequences, one of the film’s biggest set pieces was a motorcycle chase across the Verrazzano Bridge. The sequence was filmed with a mix of hands-on and CGI work.

The bike used by Keanu Reeves in the chase scene was a Honda CBR1000RR, aka a Fireblade. The CBR1000RR is a track-focused machine, with a clean sheet design and no mirrors or license plate. It’s built for high-speed performance and features forged aluminum pistons, finger-follower rocker arms, and a diamond-like coating on the cam lobes to provide moar power.

The CBR1000RR in John Wick 3 was a race-spec version with 214 horsepower. Sadly, US models are handicapped to 186hp due to EPA noise regulations. This makes the CBR1000RR still an incredible bike, though. It flies through the midrange and builds to 14,500 rpm for a throaty rush of power. That’s enough to frighten any would-be assassin.

The BMW R75/6

The R75/6 is the most understated and well-thought-out classic motorcycle you could possibly own. It has a modern feel to it while at the same time being able to deliver that classic BMW engine sound.

The engine is a four-stroke, opposed, boxer design with hemispherical combustion chambers and shaft drive. Crank it up and it starts off with a pulsating chug before smoothing out into that classic low-pitched growl as you climb the revs.

These are bikes made for a time when you’d actually take the time to learn how to work on them yourself, forming a bond with your bike that goes beyond just riding it. There’s a reason why racers like Reg Pridmore and Kurt Liebmann were able to get so much out of them.

The John Wick trilogy is known for its impressive action sequences and edgy chase scenes. So when Keanu Reeves roars through the streets of New York on his BMW, you can bet that there was some significant planning involved.

The Suzuki GS1100E

The sleepy presence of the Suzuki GS1100E may be an anomaly on this list, but it’s a perfect match for John Wick and the scenes that revolve around him. As per a report by Screenrant, the bike retails at $8999 and is the one that Keanu Reeves rode in John Wick 2.

The movie franchise’s biggest highlight is certainly the chase scene over the Verrazzano Bridge, and it was the perfect bike for that kind of action. It boasts a big engine with lots of power, razor-sharp handling, and a neutral set of ergonomics for action-happy versatility.

The GS1100E also has a round, eight-inch quartz-halogen headlight that throws a wider beam than the older model’s square one. It’s a great bike for night riding. The engine’s power is easy and by-the-way, making it the king of the road. The GS1100E is also the most comfortable, best-handling large street bike money can buy and fits a wide variety of rider shapes and sizes.

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