KTM Motorcycles – Ready to Race?

KTM’s no-apologies “Ready to Race” mantra is evident in its championship-winning lineup of off-road and motocross models. However, the company also makes great street bikes for riders who aren’t aiming for race-winner status.

The Strike is a powerful motorcycle that boasts highway-capable top speed, high-voltage architecture, and plenty of sheer power.


KTM extended warranty package offers additional coverage to your bike’s normal manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers repairs and replacement parts beyond the original 24-month period. It also covers typical consumables such as the oil, air filter, brake pads, and tires. However, it excludes any damage or deterioration caused by unauthorized use or repairs.

It is essential to perform the necessary inspections and general maintenance regularly. Follow the maintenance schedule in your Owner’s Manual. This is especially important for vehicles used under severe conditions such as off-road driving.

K & M motorcycles is a shop that has built a reputation for top quality work in Adelaide. They’ve been around since 1981 and have a great relationship with their customers. They have a lot of experience in Drag Racing and Historic road racing and they’re known for their honest dealings. They sell a wide range of Triumph and Royal Enfield parts including some rare ones. Their workshop isn’t fancy but they do top quality work.


The DSR/X is purpose-built for pure adventure with an optimized frame for maximum strength and minimal weight. Its sleek, modern design and thoughtful ergonomics give you confidence inspiring command over the trail. And a suite of available premium accessories lets you transform any preprogrammed ride mode on-the-fly via the Zero Next Gen App to match your riding style or terrain. And with Bosch’s patented Linked Braking, you’ll be sure to maintain stability no matter where your adventures take you.

They also offer a range of bike accessories to suit your needs such as luggage racks, side bags, and wind protection. They offer a full line of parts and accessories for all makes and models including Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki motorcycles. They even have a range of performance upgrades to boost your engine’s power and acceleration.


By the mid 1980s they had become a serious force in the Australian market and started to see export enquiries coming in. They had a large range of American and British parts as well as bikes in stock for sale. Around this time a building became available for rent across the road and they moved everything over.

The Japanese were able to produce modern designs more quickly, cheaply and of higher quality than their European competitors. The result was that the British motorcycle industry began to lag behind in the global markets.

Today, K&M Motorcycles offers a variety of products and services to customers in Richmond. The company specializes in repairs and restorations, and offers a full range of parts for various motorcycle models. It also provides services for classic and vintage vehicles. It has a customer-centric approach, and is committed to providing high-quality service. It also offers a wide selection of custom motorcycles. Some of its customers even have bikes dating back to 1903. The company has a reputation for top-quality work and is considered an authority in the field.

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