Zero Motorcycles Canada Review

Zero is an electric motorcycle maker that’s redefining the industry. The company’s bikes use class-leading Z-Force power packs and whisper quiet motors in lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames.

They’re also eco-friendly and offer a lot of range. Martin Motor Sports is proud to bring Zero Motorcycles to Edmonton and Central Alberta.

Design the Future

When you choose Zero, you’re investing in a company that puts its customers at the forefront of all its innovations. The brand offers consistent software and firmware updates that make riding their electric motorcycles even more exciting, efficient and reliable. These updates are delivered via the Zero app, and are accessible by owners on all bikes to customize their performance and see key data.

When it comes to powering the future of motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles is the big daddy of them all. Since 2006, they’ve been leading the way in electric vehicle design and technology.

While some start-up electric bike companies struggled with QC issues and battery recalls, Zero persevered. They also forged strong connections with security and police departments to help establish an impressive customer base for their electric street and off-road vehicles. The SR/F is powered by the class-leading Z-Force 75-10 motor and 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery to deliver 140 pound-ft of instant torque.

Accessible Performance

Zero Motorcycles focuses on lowering barriers of entry to electric bikes. Their goal is to increase the number of riders who would consider dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a powerful, battery-powered two-wheeler.

The company develops a wide range of street and dual-sport models that appeal to a variety of riders. Each model is optimized to harness the power of Zero’s Z-Force powertrain and features a proprietary, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight.

All of Zero’s models boast impressive acceleration and regenerative braking. Its air-cooled interior permanent magnet motor produces up to 78 ft-lb of torque and channels energy back into the battery during braking.

The company’s bikes also get consistent updates, allowing owners to customize and optimize their experience. These updates maximize battery life, enable new features and offer improved performance tuning options. They’re easy to install through the Zero app.

Solid Real-World Range

Zero motorcycles are designed with in-house developed Z-Force batteries to provide the most energy efficient, long lasting power systems available. These lithium-ion battery packs are capable of delivering up to 180 miles on a single charge, depending on the riding conditions.

From a burning idea conceived inside a garage in Santa Cruz California to the streets of Edmonton and central Alberta, Zero has become an internationally recognized brand that brings revolutionary motorcycle innovation to motorcyclists everywhere. Powered by clean, silent and sustainable electric motors, each bike is designed to be fun and exciting to ride.

Switch between performance modes at the touch of a button to master any terrain. Each Zero model comes pre-programmed with Eco and Sport modes that can be customized using the intuitive NextGen app and dashboard interface.

Affordable Price

With Zero’s sleek, cutting-edge design and powerful electric powertrains, the brand is able to offer some truly impressive attributes at an affordable price. Plus, with consistent updates and the ability to customize your ride through the Zero app, you’ll find that this electric motorcycle stays on the cutting edge.

For a street-legal bike that is equal parts brawn and brains, look no further than the Zero SR/F. It’s equipped with the new Cypher OS that manages and optimizes your bike’s performance, battery range, and efficiency.

To experience this advanced e-bike in person, check out the Zero SR/F Pro at your local dealer. And don’t forget to take advantage of Zero’s Go Electric incentive that offers cash back or 0% APR financing for 60 months on select 2022 and 2023 demo units (see details here). These promotions expire December 31, so act now!

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