Buying Motorcycles in Victoria, TX, is Easy With uShip

Whether it’s shipping motorcycles internationally or locally, Victoria, TX, is the place to be. On uShip, customers can connect to top-rated motorcycle transport carriers all in one place.

Because motorcyclists lack the physical protection offered by cars, they are more susceptible to injuries in accidents. These accidents can also be expensive to treat. It’s important to contact a Victoria motorcycle accident attorney right away.

How to Buy a Motorcycle

Once you’ve decided that a motorcycle is the right fit for your personality and lifestyle, it’s time to begin shopping. It’s best to visit a dealer before you buy, so you can compare models and learn more about the motorcycle’s features. Some dealers offer financing and insurance options, so be sure to ask about them.

The next step is to consider your budget. A motorcycle is a major purchase and should be one you’re ready to make. Be prepared to negotiate, especially when purchasing a used motorcycle from a private seller. A good seller will provide a thoughtful and detailed description of the bike, including its history.

Ideally, you should avoid buying any bike with more than 70 horsepower or 500 pounds if you’re new to motorcycling. These bikes are not forgiving and can be dangerous if you’re not experienced enough to ride them. You should also research the reputation, reliability, and customer service of dealers near you.

Basic Motorcycle Safety Course

If you’re a beginner or want to brush up on your skills, this course is designed for you. Students must have a valid driver’s license to take this class. The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) includes five hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of riding activities on training motorcycles in a controlled off-street environment. Instructors/RiderCoaches teach participants the basics of operating a motorcycle, clutch and throttle control, straight-line riding, braking, turning, and shifting.

In addition to learning how to operate a motorcycle, students learn about the different types of equipment and what to wear for comfort and protection. They also learn about the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving skills. Those who successfully complete the BRC earn a certificate that waives the written and riding skill tests at their local DMV. This certificate is accepted in many states. In Michigan, completing this course can reduce the time it takes to get a motorcycle endorsement. Free motorcycles and helmets are provided for the riding portion of the course.

Bicycle Patrol

Many police departments offer bicycle patrol as a way to increase officer access and to better engage the public. Officers on bike patrol can move about a campus swiftly, avoiding obstacles and hazards that would stop a police vehicle in its tracks. Bike officers can also maneuver into tight areas and traffic jams that vehicles cannot easily enter.

In addition, they can cover 4 to 6 times the area of an officer on foot. And because they are visible to the community, people are more likely to interact with them.

The Victoria Police Department has a unit that is composed of officers who have completed a police mountain biking school and a patrol bike certification course. They carry their bicycles in a rack mounted on the back of their marked police vehicles during patrols. They also use them for special events such as community safety programs and bike rodeos. They also give presentations at schools and businesses upon request.

Bike Rodeos

Thanks to a grant funded by Wal-Mart North Navarro, Victoria Police Department will be gifting bicycles and safety gear to kids throughout the community through bike rodeos. The first one will take place Thursday at Christi’s Kitchen from 5 to 7 p.m. Children who attend the rodeo will have the chance to win a bike by answering questions and completing a bicycle safety course. They will also have the opportunity to register their bikes through VPD, which will help officers track their bikes if they are stolen.

Education Program Manager Robin Hendershot taught the children the Seven Texas Bike Laws and other bicycle safety lessons during their week-long camp. She was assisted by James Piper from Pedal Power bike shop in San Marcos and other volunteers.

The Kiwanis Club of Victoria hosts this SAG-supported ride which includes routes ranging from a family 10K to a challenging 60 mile route. After the ride, participants can enjoy the KIDZ Fest event with food and activities provided by area kid-focused organizations.

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